Why Do I Need to Upgrade My Business Phone?

The U.S. Census estimates that of the roughly 8 million employer firms in the U.S. in 2008, roughly 6 million employed 1-99 employees, with almost 1.2 million with 10-99 employees. Looked at from the perspective of business phone systems, as opposed to lines in use, this means the majority of systems are owned by small to medium (SMB) businesses. What you also may not be aware of is that the installed base of business phone systems has never been older than right now.

This means many if not most SMBs are using phone systems that are incapable of leveraging things such as the Internet, integration with mobile devices, access to Unified Communications (UC) capabilities, and reduced costs from things like SIP trunking and easier adds, moves and changes. In short, your antiquated communications system is not optimized for your future success.

Standing pat on technology is no longer an option.  The growing use of personal devices – smart phones and tablets – as the primary tools of communication for many, particularly younger hires, is a significant consideration for SMBs.  Many believe the “bring your own device” (BYOD) to work phenomena replaces the need for phone systems and, actually, the reverse is true.

BYOD necessitates rethinking what your phone system is and how it can be made pivotal as part of the “Infostructure” (information and communications hardware, software and services) that enables business process optimization and ultimately your success.  It becomes not about replacing your old system with BYOD, but rather incorporating mobile devices into a system that allows for seamless migration between the office and mobility.

The challenge SMBs face is determining the best path forward. How does one get the features and functionality required to be successful in a world that operates in real-time, everywhere, all the time.  What system works best where the competition is only a click away, yet do so in a manner that does not break the budget and allows for a smooth transition to whatever the future holds?

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