Passive Aggressive Revenge! ShredYourEx will literally shred a photo of your ex

Holidays, like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, are often occasions when people grab some whiskey, plop in front of Facebook, and look at all of the amazing things their exes are doing. 

Now a service called ShredYourEX is letting you break with the past by shredding a photo of your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. 

This is how it works: Tweet or Instagram a photo of your ex to @shredyourex with the hashtag #ShredYourEx. Then visit ShredYourEx.TV to watch a printed picture of your ex-beau get shredded over a raging fire ... or at least a video of a raging fire.

The shredded remains of your relationship are then donated to an animal shelter, Paws4ever, where recently spayed and neutered cats will deface it even further as litter. 

The site, dreamed up by ad agency McKinney, will be destroying memories through Valentine's Day.