Simplicity VoIP is your Best Choice for Hosted VoIP / PBX in Hopewell, Virginia

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, has been a major player in the Hopewell communications industry since 2004. Just a decade ago, the idea of using anything other than a standard phone to make a call was unimagined.  Today, VoIP business phone services have become commonplace on the consumer market, giving users the ability to make calls worldwide for a fraction of the cost.

How Does VoIP Phone Service in Hopewell Work?

VoIP is a set of technologies that deliver voice communications using the internet. In order to do this, the analog voice signal must be digitized, encoded and transmitted as Internet Protocol packets.  These packets are received, decoded and converted to the appropriate signal at their designated destination.

VoIP calls in Hopewell, VA are placed using either a computer, VoIP phone or conventional telephone that is connected to an adapter. With VoIP phone service, calls can be made to either a telephone or another computer, giving you more flexibility in the way you communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

How VoIP Compares to Other Phone Services in Hopewell, VA

There are several similarities and differences between Hopewell VoIP and traditional business phone services.


Just like traditional phone service, VoIP customers in Hopewell can make local, long distance and also international calls. Calls can be made to any phone number whether it's a landline or a mobile phone.

VoIP phone calls offer good sound quality the people you're calling won't be able to distinguish a traditional call from a VoIP call.

Simplicity VoIP Hopewell is a VoIP provider offering customers the same great calling features as traditional phone companies.


Unlike traditional phone services in Hopewell, you'll need an internet connection to make VoIP phone calls. Because of this you will not be able to place calls if your internet goes out.

VoIP calls are delivered over a packet switched network and don't require any phone lines.  Traditional business phone services are delivered over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and require phone lines in order to receive service. Traditional phone service, therefore, is restricted to your home while VoIP service can be portal and utilized from any spot that has an internet connection.

Who is the best Hopewell VoIP Provider?

While there are a variety of Hopewell VoIP providers from which to choose, Simplicity VoIP offers business VoIP unlike all the others

First, we are a local company, with locally based employees and technicians.  As your VoIP provider, we get to know you, your business, your needs, & your goals.  You aren’t working with someone on a phone in Kansas, you are working with your neighbors down the road.  If you have an issue or problem, we can dispatch someone in minutes, not days like other VoIP providers.

Our service not only during but after the sale is what really Simplicity VoIP apart from other Hopewell VoIP Providers.  We stay with you through the life of your contract and we won’t nickel and dime you for maintenance, training, and help.  We only bill for added services.  You won’t find that with any other Hopewell Hosted VoIP providers.

Get the best deals on VoIP phone service today by contacting us for a free evaluation of your needs.  Choosing your business phone system should be easy.  With Simplicity VoIP, it is.

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