"Quit everything until you find something you just cannot quit." Bobcat Goldthwait


It's likely you've never seen one, as it is a solitary and secretive critter, but the Bobcat is Virginia's only surviving native cat. Bobcats are diminutive in size - the female is not much larger than a regular house cat, but the male can get up to 30 pounds. But don't let their diminutive size fool you, they are as known for their ferocity as their elusiveness. They stalk their prey and can use their explosive speed and ability to leap as much as 10 feet to easily capture and kill their quarry.

Bobcats can be found from Virginia Beach all the way to the mountains. Many think coyotes are responsible for some of the deer and other small animal attacks in Virginia, but researches have shown that Bobcats have been the predators.

If you doubt their hunting abilities, you can watch this video that a, well, dumb Virginia turkey hunter took in 2015 of a Bobcat attack - on him. Both were OK, but really, you want to lure out a bobcat?


Photo: Pixabay CCO