A stone age in Virginia

The Indian tribes in Virgina were the Catawba, the Cherokee, the Croatan, the Tutelo, the Yuchi, the Tuscarora, the Saponi and the tribes of the Powhatan Confederacy. Each tribe had it's own trademark arrowhead it used when hunting and fighting. For example, the Catawba Indians made their arrowheads out of wood and shells while the Cherokee favored flint. The Tutelo Indians made the stems on their arrowheads nearly as long and wide as the actual arrowhead while the Cherokee had short narrow stems, if at all. Rivers and creeks often offer the best hunting grounds for arrowheads in Virginia, especially if one borders a field or open area. Also, many hunters flock to fallen trees after a storm as they offer easy access to ground that may not have seen the light of day in centuries. Have you ever found an arrowhead in Virginia?