Freshman 15

Online food delivery company GrubHub, which now serves more than 20 million meals each quarter, analyzed delivery orders sent to more than 100 colleges in 47 states during the 2014-2015 academic year to see which students are making healthy choices at meal time. (The company used e-mail addresses ending in .edu to determine which orders came from people associated with college and universities.) GrubHub analyzed deliveries, looking for the highest percentage of orders at schools that contained any of 31 options which suggested students had made healthy food choices, like substituting a salad for another side dish or telling restaurants to go light on dressing.

What schools are most often ordering vegetables? The University of North Carolina tops the list, according to GrubHub’s analysis, followed by University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Harvard University and the University of Virginia.

The only Virginia school to make the overall top 50 list? James Madison. To see the to 50 list, follow this link: