We have this treasure in jars of clay.... 1st Corinthians

Since 1938, the Williamsburg Pottery has been one of Virginia’s top tourist attractions. Each year, thousands of bargain hunting customers come from all over the world to shop. At its conception, James E. Maloney purchased a half-acre property in Lightfoot, Virginia for $150 and built a kiln and workshop. Over time, Maloney added china and glassware to his inventory, with a focus on low prices. Other artisans that sold a variety of handicrafts, like baskets and lamps set up shop there and the complex grew into almost 200 separate buildings. "Attendance" started to diminish in the lat 80's, and in 2010, this diverse assembly of warehouses was torn down so a new complex with a smaller footprint - and for many a more important consideration: brighter lighting - was built. The new site has not attracted the number of shoppers it hoped it would, but the owners (still the Maloney family) believe that will change. Is it still a shopping destination for you? Perhaps for the holiday shopping season this year.