She's Yar!


The Battleship USS Wisconsin is an Iowa class battleship, one of the largest battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy berthed at Nauticus in Norfolk, Virginia. Built in 1943, she participated in battles from WWII in the Pacific to The Korean War. She was decommissioned two times only to be refurbished and put back into use during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. During her 6 months in the Persian Gulf, USS Wisconsin flew 348 RPV hours, a deployment record; recorded 661 safe helicopter landings, steamed 46,000 nautical miles, fired 528 16" rounds, 881 5" rounds, and 5,200 20mm CIWS rounds. That's a lot of gun power! She operated in the hazardous and restricted environment of the Persian Gulf without a serious material casualty, fire, flood, collision, grounding or personnel injury. From putting ordnance on target, refueling the task force, providing communications and logistics support to representing our country formally and informally, USS Wisconsin played a vital role in restoring the sovereignty of Kuwait. Her final homecoming was in 2000.