Eeew! What is that?

The Eastern Hercules Beetle is a rhinocerous beetle and the largest beetle in the United States. It is native to Virginia and grows to over two inches long.

Males, slightly larger than females, are olive green in color with patterns of brown spots. Males also have a pair of "horns" extending from the front of their heads. Females are greenish brown and have no horns.

Hercules beetles live in shady areas with lots of plants. These beetles eat sap from young tree saplings that comes out when they rub against the bark. They release a foul-smelling odor to try to discourage predators, but can be eaten by large animals that prey on insects, especially large birds, such as owls and crows.

Right now, in winter, they are underground, but come summer.....and they live for 3-6 months! Keep an eye out for one.

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