I don't take to those new fangled things.


Lynchburg, Virginia's first private residence with indoor plumbing was the palatial Johnstone House, located at 4301 Washington Street (1899). For a time, the generous owners freely allowed friends and neighbors, and sometimes complete strangers, their first opportunity to experience the pleasure and comfort of a modern convenience. Word of the Johnstone's indoor privy soon spread, and long lines formed daily, as curious area residents patiently waited their turns to see and use the facilities. In a short-lived effort to capitalize on the relentless stream of patrons, Mr. Johnstone levied a twenty-five cent surcharge per person. Within a week, the City stepped in due to public health concerns, fined Johnstone for creating a public nuisance and ordered him to close his lavatory to the public. In addition, the City enacted an ordinance forbidding assemblies of more than five persons without a permit, a law that remained on the books for over a hundred years.