Selma Plantation in Leesburg, VA

The days of plantations have long passed and many of the stately plantation homes that dot the state are being left to waste away. One of the largest and most impressive of these decaying giants is the Selma Plantation, located near Leesburg, Virginia. Selma is best known as the residence of Armistead Thomson Mason, a U.S. Senator from 1816 to 1817. It burned in the 1890's and was rebuilt in the Colonial Revival style that is seen today. The white paint is now browning and vines curl up the grand pillars. Inside, dust is the only thing moving about. In 2009, Preservation Virginia placed it on its “Most Endangered Historic Sites List.” Preservationists hope this move will highlight the mansion and save it from continued neglect. The Virginia Film Office has it listed as a potential movie set for Hollywood producers to consider - perhaps that will be the estate’s salvation!