"...A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an inigma." Winston Churchill

On March 8th, 1946, Winston Churchill arrived in Richmond, accompanied by General Eisenhower, to address the Virginia General Assembly. In his speech, he mentioned an upcoming visit to Williamsburg and said, ""This was the cradle of the Great Republic in which more than 150 years afterwards the strong champions of freedom were found to have been nursed." A great man speaking of other great men (and women).

The photo is of Churchill and Eisenhower arriving in Richmond.

Here are a few other things about Mr. Churchill:

Born in 1874
Admired British Politician
Elected into the British Parliament in 1900
First Lord of the Admiralty
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Secretary of State for War and Air
1953 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature
Soldier, Legislator, Historian
Writer, Artist, Orator
Good Relationship with Franklin D. Roosevelt
Died 1965