Go East Young Man

We've looked at the westernmost town in Virginia. Onancock is one of the easternmost communities. Captain John Smith called the area of Onancock “the Gem of the Eastern Shore” in the 1600s. Budget Travel called it “The Coolest Town in the South” in the 2000s. Others have said it’s “a town with heart.” Who can disagree? Onancock has a live theater, award-winning restaurants, and an old time movie theater that hosts an International Movie Festival. It's also an artists' enclave with renowned craftsmen, sculptors, actors, dancers, musicians, glass blowers … you name it. One of the nicest attractions of this town is the abundance of large Victorian-era homes on tree-lined streets. You can even take a kayak trip to a local winery or to the site of an old Indian village, all while experiencing the serenity of the shore.