There are 28 Washingtons in the U.S.

Where can you see a John Deer tractor hauling hay down the main street one minute and a chauffeured Rolls Royce the next? Washington, Virginia of course. Affectionately known as “Little Washington” to distinguish itself from Washington, D.C. which is 70 miles away, this small town boasts a population of 150 people, 2 horses, one llama, a flock of sheep, and a dozen or so chickens who live in an ornate chicken house with stained glass windows in the Historic District. It’s the town’s architecture that has placed it on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. It is The Inn at Little Washington – a five star/five diamond hotel – that has placed it on many peoples must see lists. It got its name as it was originally surveyed by a 17 year old George Washington. He and two chain men laid out the town in the same five-block by two-block grid that exists today. While there are 28 towns or cities named Washington in the U.S., this is “The First Washington of All.”