"May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't." George S. Patton

The American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum in Danville is a one-of-a-kind museum that started as a private collection of William Gasser, a semi-retired businessman who often calls himself “a former millionaire." This museum is situated on an 89 acre site that includes a 330,000 square foot building which houses 118 armored and artillery vehicles, 160 mid-size weapons (Bazookas, Flame Throwers, Recoilless Rifles), 60 rifles (some rare, others current), an International Hall of 340 Generals in uniform, and a unique 1/16 scale 6000 square foot indoor battlefield for radio controlled tanks. The collection also includes International Tank & Cavalry artifacts from 1509 to the present, plus a gift shop, classrooms, research library, cafeteria, and workshops to maintain the artifacts. Gasser tells visitors who ask where the bathrooms are that there are no bathrooms. Then he explains that the building does have rooms called “latrines” that serve the same purpose! Last year, the museum only saw around 7,000 people. so visit while it is still there! Mr. Gasser is looking for someone who wants to take the collection over, and that could mean away if it keeps the collection intact.