"The best and more efficient pharmacy is in your own system." Robert C. Peale

Today is National Pharmacist Day. The first apothecaries (as druggists were called long, long ago) were said to have landed at Jamestown with the second group of settlers in 1608. English promoters had promised a profitable trade in drugs from the New World as an inducement for American colonization. Besides searching for new drugs, the two apothecaries - Thomas Field and John Harford - also served as assistants to the colony's first physician, Dr. Walter Russell. What remedies were used in Colonial times? Lovely things like leeches, lancets, snakeroot, and crab claws. You can see many of these sorts of remedies if you visit historic apothecary shops like the Hugh Mercer Apothecary in Fredericksburg, or the Steabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum in Alexandria. You'll be glad to see how far we've come in treating even the minor agues.