"Caffeine, Carpool, Cocktails, Repeat."

Yesterday we looked at how many Park & Ride locations there are in Virginia. Today, we have some statistics on how many folks from each region actually carpool (by car only - does not include those who take a bus or train or even plane).

D.C. - 13.5%
Winchester - 11.6%
Harrisonburg - 9.5%
Lynchburg - 10.7%
Roanoke - 9.3%
Blacksburg - 11.2%
Bristol - 8.1%
Virginia Beach - 9.7%

In case you are wondering which metropolitan area in the country has the most carpoolers by car only - it's Bakersfield, California at 16.9%. You might have thought Manhattan, but a lot of those folks carpool to train stations and don't actually drive into the city, so those figures are scattered around Connecticut, NJ and upstate NY. Just in case you were wondering.