A Dairy Godmother

Let's continue with our ice cream theme - August is the best time for ice cream after all - and give a nod to "The Dairy Godmother" in Alexandria. Yardbarker.com has named their Cherry Blossom ice cream the signature icecream of Virginia.

Dairy Godmother makes Wisconsin-Style Frozen Custard and is open everyday in the summer. In addition to classic Vanilla and Chocolate, there is a "super special Flavor of the Day." You can go to their web site and see a "Flavor Forecast" calendar so you'll know in advance what specialty is being served up.

For those who love ice cream, but not lactose, Dairy Godmother mixes up a variety of fruitily-refreshing (say that 3 times fast) Sorbets (amny dairy free) in alluring flavors like Lemon Lavender.

For our part, they get an extra positive vote because they have "puppy pops" for your furry best friend. So take the whole family by there the next time you're in Alexandria, or make a special trip. Afterall, who can resist an ice cream called Caramel Heath Bar.