A Journey to The Mecca

Cities and towns across Virginia have been given nicknames throughout the years. Some have stuck, others have gone the way of the Dodo. This week, we'll look at some of these nicknames and try to account for their origins.

First on the list. Richmond. AKA, the River City, RVA, RIC, or even The Mecca.

River city, of course has to do with the mighty James. Some of our more Anglophile residents will even call Richmond, Richmond upon James (to mimic the Richmond on Thames in GBR).

RVA has become popular in more recent years as stickers and car emblems have become ubiquitous.

RIC is the code used by airlines to designate the airport.

The Mecca is what students at UVA have called Richmond for decades, bowing to the great city to the East.

Any other nicknames for Richmond that you've heard?