Make Love, Not War

Continuing with our somewhat obscure Virginia Museums tour.

In Ruckersville, Virginia, there is a museum to honor our Vietnam Vets called the Vietnam War Foundation & Museum.

For those of you not familiar with Ruckersville, it is located 20 miles NW of Charlottesville and in addition to its bucolic scenery of mountains, farmlands and ancient trees, is the hometown of NASCAR driver Philip Morris.

The museum itself is where artifacts from the Vietnam War have been carefully restored and displayed for view by children (over the age of 8) and adults interested in this volatile era. Artifacts include tanks, jeeps, uniforms, artillery, weapons, and even a helicopter used to transport troops. For the many Viet Nam Vets that have visited this museum, it is a sort of "coming home," to a time, no doubt, that reshaped their lives.

The museum is open by appointment and admission is free - though donations are welcome to help in the restoration and preservation of these important artifacts.

As they said in the 1960's, "Make peace, not war."