Stupefy! has named Ray's The Steaks in Arlington, Virginia as the state's best steakhouse. Steaks here are dry-aged for 45 days before being hand-trimmed, seasoned with their signature rub, and grilled over an open flame. A variety of cuts and styles are available, and purportedly at reasonable prices.

Of course, Daniel Radcliff stated in an interview that one of the best meals he's ever had was at Buckhead's Chop House in Richmond (he was there filming a movie): "I was filming a movie last year in Virginia, and there was this restaurant called, yeah, I'll give them a shoutout, there was this restaurant called Buckhead's and they have this blue cheese steak with walnuts on top and it was just ... wild."

So who are you gonna believe? The Daily Meal, or Harry Potter?

What's your favorite steakhouse in Virginia? What makes it so?