What a poor life it would be without art

Another New Deal Agency active in Virginia during the Great Depression was the The Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture (later known as the Section of Fine Arts), commonly known as "The Section." The Section's main function was to select high quality art to decorate public buildings in the form of murals, making art accessible to all people. Because post offices were usually visited by everyone, they were the places selected to display these projects.

Some of these are still on display today! Is there one in your town?Here's a list:

Virginia Beach Atlantic Station Post Office Mural - "The Arrival of the First White Women at Jamestown"

Newport News: Federal Building Sculptures - Three unglazed terra cotta sculptures by Mary B. Fowler - “Captain Newport Brings News and Aid to the Starving Colonists,” “Present Day Industries,” and “Early Industries.”

Harrisonburg - Federal Courthouse Mural - 5-foot-high fresco entitled “Country Fair, Trading, Courthouse Square

Arlington - Main Post Office Murals - Seven murals, Agricultural and Industrial Scenes – Sketches of Virginia

Marion Post Office Bas Relief - “The Letter”, now privately owned

Staunton Post Office Bas Relief - “The McCormick Reaper"

Altavista Post Office Mural - Altavista, VA - “The Growing Community”

Appalachia Post Office Mural - “Appalachia”

Bassett Post Office Mural - “Manufacture of Furniture”

Berryville Post Office Mural - “Clark County Products, 1939”

Bluefield Post Office Mural - "Coal Mining"

Chatham Post Office Mural - "Harvest Season in Southern Virginia"

Christiansburg Post Office Mural - "Great Road"

Emporia Post Office Mural - "Country Saw Mill"

Hampton Post Office Mural - "Chesapeake Fisherman"

Hopewell Post Office Mural - "Captain Francis Eppes Making Friends with the Appomatox Indians"

Luray Post Office Mural - "Luray, 1840"

Orange Post Office Mural - "Upland Pastures"

Rocky Mount Post Office Mural - "Life in Rocky Mount"

Smithfield Post Office Mural - "Captain John Smith Trading with the Indians"

Strasburg Post Office Mural -"Apple Orchard"

Stuart Post Office Mural - "Receiving Mail on the Farm"

Tazewell Post Office Murals - untitled

Petersburg Post Office Murals - "Agricultural Scenes in Virginia" and "Riding to Hounds"