"A penny saved is a penny earned" Benjamin Franklin

Impulse buying is just a part of the holiday season. Aunt Bea can't live without that scarf you just saw, and little Timmy has to have a drone, and it's on sale!

Well, according to gobankingrates.com, 26% of Virginians have no money saved at all. Zero dollars. If that isn't bad enough, 59% of Virginia residents have less than $1000 saved.

With a median household income of $64,792, you'd hope that would be more, but is way ahead of other states. For example, of Georgia residents, 41% have $0 saved and 75% of Georgians have less than $1000 saved. North Carolina is 38% $0 and 79% less than $1000.

Maybe we can all put that holiday check from Great Uncle Vernon into a savings account this year and improve the outlook for our futures.

Photo: Pixabay