When life hands you lemons, make Sangria!

You might think that the most distinct (not necessarily popular like pumpkin pie or pecan pie, but unique and frequent), googled holiday recipe in Virginia might be how to make a buche de noel, or how to make those sweet potato dishes in orange halves. But no. The most distinct, googled holiday recipe in Virginia, according to Business Insider, is how to make ........ Sangria.

Kentucky's was corn pudding, Connecticut was sweet potatoes, and even Texas was Sopapilla cheesecake, but Oregon (mulled wine) and Virginia were the only two states to pick an alcoholic beverage recipe, and not even holiday-ish for Virginia. At least Mulled Wine says Ebinezer Scrooge. Though, we did see a recipe for a CHRISTMAS CRANBERRY POMEGRANATE SANGRIA that looked pretty tasty while researching this posting.

Is Sangria your signature holiday libation?

Photo: Pinterest