Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then

A while back, we posted about Three Chopt Road and how it got its name. In the comments, many asked how Squirrel Level Road in Petersburg got its name, and we were stumped.

The best we could conclude is that a level, in transportation terms, refers to a mining term whereby "levels" are horizontal passageways through the mine which generally follow the lode or provide transit facilities through the mine. Squirrel Level was named prior to the Civil War and could point to mining in the area and relative knowledge of that term.

Another theory/lore, is that the name refers to a flat tract of land nearby that was a hunting ground for squirrels back in the day.

Of course, in some cases, it could mean the flatness of an area, level of the sea, the terrain, or even a mineral or body of water nearby. Your guess is as good as ours.

There are several other "level" roads in Virginia. Here's our list. Did we miss any?

Fletchers Level Road - Amherst
Squirrel Level Road - Petersburg/Dinwiddie
Chalk Level Road - Louisa
Cedar Level Road - Hopewell
Frog Level Road - Ruther Glen
Union Level Road - South Hill/Meckenburg
Oak Level Road - Bassett/Halifax
Sandy Level Road - Woodlawn
Green Level Road - Scottsburg
Lewis Level Road - Tappahannock
Walnut Level Road - Charlottesville

Photo: Pixabay