"Everyone around the world, they're comin' to America" Neil Diamond

So how does the recent ban on immigrants affect Virginia?

24/7 Wall St. has looked at the number of green cards issued by each state in 2016 and determined that Virginia comes in as the 12th highest state for the number issued last year.

Virginia's immigrant population is 12.2% - the 15th highest in the country. In 2015, 330.1 per 100,000 green cards were issued, and the majority of those to immigrants from El Salvador.

With regards to the ban, 28,061 Virginian immigrants from the banned countries are affected, or 0 .34% of the population.

In case you were wondering, West Virginia is the least impacted state with only 1.6 per 100,000 green cards issued in 2015. Most of them were Germans, and of their total population, only 2,592 are affected by the Ban.

While you may think California is the most impacted state (it has, afterall, the highest immigrant population at 27.4%), it is New York that holds the distinction of having the highest number of green cards issued in 2016 (primarily to immigrants from the Dominican Republic), and over 51,500 affected by the ban.

Whatever your position on the ban, it is interesting to see the breakdown.

Photo: Pixabay