"We're going places"

Another company headquartered in Virginia, Fairfax to be specific, is Trailways.

But Trailways isn't what you might think. It isn't actually one big company, but rather a network of approximately 70 independent bus companies that have entered into a brand licensing agreement.

The system originated with coast-to-coast service as the National Trailways Bus System (NTBS) in 1936. Greyhound Lines had grown so quickly in the 1920s and 1930s that the Interstate Commerce Commission encouraged smaller independent operators to form the NTBS to provide competition.

An interesting fact many of our older followers may have noticed: Trailways was owned by Holiday Inn until 1979. Up to that time, Trailways busses appeared often in ads for Holiday Inn - in the background of course. Subliminal advertising at its best.

There are only two Trailways companies in Virginia:

National Coach Trailways – Fredericksburg, VA
Abbott Trailways – Roanoke, VA

And here are some Trailways slogans from the past. Remember any of these?

"Travel Green--One Bus Means 55 Less Cars On the Road. Trailways Green."
"I Love Watching My Country Go By"
"Relax. Roll Across America--Trailways"
"We're Going Places"

Photo: Pixabay