"What a cruel thing war is. To fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors." Robert E. Lee

Ever wonder where all those Civil War reenactors get their uniforms that look so authentic? Well, one of the better sources in Virginia is a seamstress named Fenny Hanes of Midlothian.

Encouraged by her husband, who is a reenactor himself, Fenny researched uniforms at the Museum of the Confederacy - how they were constructed, what materials were used - and set about making them as authentically as she could.

Fenny uses only 4 types of fabrics that she has custom made for her to be exact replicas of those used in the 1800s. She does the stitching by hand, and charges between $300 and $600 for a jacket (officer's uniforms cost more).

Why put so much effort into making these look original? It's because reenactors are particular, and they are fanatic about looking the part.

The Virginia Museum of the Civil War, part of VMI, has the distinction of holding the longest, continual reenactment in the United States, still held on original battlefield property. Their first event was in May of 1914, and their biggest was in September of 1923 between VMI Cadets and United States Marines.

Maybe you'll want to see this year's event. You can get ticket information at http://www.vmi.edu/…/virginia-museum-of-th…/the-reenactment/

Photo: Pixabay CCO