"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." DDE

March 4th is National Hug a G.I. day. So gather around your servicemen and women to give them a hug. It’s a simple way to show your support. Whether a pat on the back or hearty handshake, give both past and present G.I.s your appreciation. While G.I.s refer to Army personnel, the day encompasses all those who have served in the military. So, hug those Jarheads, Wingnuts, Squids and Coasties, too!

Virginia has ∼117,000 active and reserve military personnel. That's breaks out as 91,134 active (22,503 Army, 41,707 Navy, 10,575 Marine Corps, 12,290 Air Force, and 4,059 Coast Guard) and 25,590 reserves.

With that many in our great Commonwealth, you should have no trouble finding one to thank. Oh, and give a treat to the dogs that serve(d) too.

Photo: Pixabay