Wickey, Wickey, Wild, Wild West

On March 14, 1912, Floyd Allen was on trial at the Carroll County Courthouse for breaking two of his nephews out of custody as they were being transported to jail. Allen was charged with pistol whipping the deputy and interfering with deputies. As his sentence of one year in jail was announced. Allen stood up from his seat, moved off to the left some, and said to the judge, "I tell you, I ain't a goin'."

His relatives, who had packed the courtroom, started firing. After a minute barrage of over 57 bullets fired, the Allen clan fled the courtroom, still firing their guns. The judge, the commonwealth's attorney, the sheriff, and jury foreman were killed, and a witness died the next day. Seven others were wounded.

Floyd was also wounded, but managed to get away and holed up in a local hotel room with one of his sons. He was found and arrested at the hotel, but not before Floyd tried to slash his own throat with a pocketknife.

Floyd Allen was tried for the first-degree murder of Commonwealth's Attorney Foster and was found guilty. Floyd Allen wept freely as the verdict was read. His son, Claud Allen, was also convicted of murder, and several others served time as well.

Floyd Allen was electrocuted at 1:20pm on March 28, 1913. Claud was electrocuted eleven minutes later.

Virginia Tech legend Frank Beamer is the grandson of Barnett Allen who had been in the courtroom and was charged but acquitted.

How's that for the wild west of Virginia!

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