What is VoIP?  VoIP stands for Voice Over IP or phone systems over the internet.  They are renowned for their ability to slash communications budgets and offer greater flexibility, integration with the data network, and streamlined technology.  This all adds up to sizable cost savings. 


  • Lower Long Distance Bill

  • Less Equipment

  • Single Network Infrastructure

  • Maintenance Savings

  • Facility Savings

  • Low Cost Access to Features & Services

  • Increased Productivity

  • Data Integration

  • Scalability

  • Customization & Flexibility

Delivering real-time, predictive analytics to the field is by far the biggest benefit of moving our sales operations to the cloud. The immediacy and depth of insight has strengthened our customer relationships and improved the productivity of our sales reps. In a time when industry disruption is the norm, the cloud delivers the speed, access, and scale to help businesses adjust priorities, reinvent their value propositions, and grow.*
— Forbes Magazine Interview

Lower Long Distance Bill

Because VoIP Services use the data network rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN), they eliminate the long-distance tolls associated with traditional phone service.

Less Equipment

IP communications systems dispense with the costly equipment of traditional business telephony: the private branch exchange, and switchboards. Hosted services remove the infrastructure cost altogether, requiring only a company local area network (LAN) and handsets. Even on-premises VoIP Systems eliminate physical equipment because the system runs on the existing data network and IP private branch exchange (PBX) software. Many IP communications solutions can also re-purpose legacy hardware, saving companies even more on equipment costs.

Single Network Infrastructure

In most cases, the IP communications infrastructure is already in place. VoIP trades PSTN wiring and switchboards for the existing data network, running on the same network the company uses for data communications.

Maintenance Savings

Data networks are cheaper to maintain than traditional wired business telephone systems. Moves, adds, and changes, for example, used to require the manual rewiring and rerouting of office phone lines. IP communications can be reconfigured with the click of a mouse. Today’s business telephone systems feature self-service interfaces that allow the user to configure their own preferences, without involving IT. The upshot: significant savings in technical support costs.

Facility Savings

IP communication is the basis for increasing virtualization in the workplace. Workers can telecommute from anywhere, reducing the need for a central workplace. Many companies have realized significant savings in overhead costs by moving employees to remote or home offices.

Low-Cost Access to Features and Services

Advanced features used to come with a steep price tag, bundled together as part of the PBX system. VoIP Telephone Systems include many of these features (such as advanced call distribution) free of charge. Other advanced functionality is available on an affordable basis through hosted VoIP services, which sell access to features on an a-la-carte, as needed basis.

Increased Productivity

VoIP telephone systems have a profound impact on worker productivity. Advanced features, remote access, and voice-data integration add up to time savings and greater efficiency.

Data Integration

The integration of the voice and data system is a powerful driver of operational efficiency. For example, your business can take advantage of customer relationship management (CRM) software to streamline customer engagement and access to key data.


IP communications systems can be instantly ramped-up or scaled back according to current business needs. Hosted VoIP services offer the most flexibility, ensuring that businesses don’t lose money through insufficient or excess communications capability.

Customization and Flexibility

VoIP business phone systems can be configured to meet your company’s unique and evolving business requirements.


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