Sample Installation Options

As you read these sample installation options, if you come across a term you'd like clarified, click here.

Our process begins with a site survey which most firms have done away with - and it's free.  Many challenges can be avoided by a through site survey and having a clear understanding of the installation environment.

Simplicity VoIP Hosted PBX Provider for Business Telephone Systems & Solutions Installation Option 1 for 2 Ethernet Runs Per Location
Simplicity VoIP Hosted PBX Provider of Business Phone Systems & Solutions Installation sample 2 - one ethernet run / VLAN
Simplicity VoIP Hosted PBX Provider of Business Telephone Systems & Solutions Sample Install 3 - one ethernet run with QoS on Router


Once installed, our team will provide hands on training.


The key to Simplicity is our support team. Please feel free to contact us
at 800-435-1718 with any questions.