Why Choose Simplicity VoIP?

With over 100 years of combined experience in the telecom industry, we've learned one very important thing.  If your business phone system doesn't work how you want it to, when you want it to, we aren't doing our job. 

Let us just say upfront that what distinguishes us from all other providers is our service.  We stay with you long after the sale and our level of support is unmatched.  In addition, we don't nickel and dime you.  We only charge for upgrades and add-ons.  General maintenance, training, trouble-shooting - these all come as part of your package.  When you do your research you won't find this anywhere else.

What else do we do to make sure your system with Simplicity VoIP is head and shoulders above the rest?

Site Surveys

Our process begins with a site survey. Many firms have done away with this.  Many challenges can be avoided by a thorough site survey and having a clear understanding of the installation environment.

Client Services

We offer experienced, on-site customer service 24/7.  You will never be transferred, held on the line for what feels like hours, or told "we don't know how to fix your problem."  We are all about transparency and results.

Equipment Integrity

We choose only the best equipment that we know holds up under all types of usage.  This means fewer breakdown issues, cleaner sound, and ease of use.


Many of our competitors publish prices that look appealing but are actually only the starting price.  Add-ons such as better quality equipment, 24/7 client services, and even what you might consider some basic calling features can make you wonder if you can afford a system that suits your business needs.  You would be hard pressed to find another provider that can beat Simplicity VoIP on pricing, all with our 1st class service.


Our training is extensive.  Our technicians don't leave you after installation, they are there to get you up and running as soon as connection is made, and they return again to ensure you and your staff are comfortable with how your system works.  We also have resources online that provide step-by-step instructions on how your system works which you can print out or review by video as often as needed.


With Simplicity VoIP, you no longer have the expense of purchasing, leasing and housing the hardware traditional phone systems have required.  We estimate your voice savings with us ranges from 20% to 50%.

Local Provider

Many VoIP providers have data centers scattered throughout the country so that your local call to the business next door could be routing through a location thousands of miles away.  With Simplicity VoIP, your call is routed through a data center close to home first and then relayed to its final destination.  So your local call isn't battling the traffic jam that can occur outside our area, your call is easily travelling highways that are far less congested and have shorter distances to navigate.  In addition, when you partner with Simplicity VoIP, your technical service issues are handled by your neighbors.  By partnering with us, you are supporting the Virginia economy.

The Choice is Simple!  Contact Us.

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