I wanted to take a moment and sing praises and accolades for client services.  [We have had the] most wonderful, supportive, and fun through the process of migrating Altria's sites to the new Simplicity system.  Client Services has been very responsive to every request and questions that I have thrown their way.  I know that [operations is] top notch as well.  I feel that Simplicity is very fortunate to have the caliber person that client services offers to supporting their customers.  In final, I really like working with Simplicity as a whole.


We chose to move our business to VOIP to streamline telecommunication. The customer service Simplicity VOIP provided made our move effortless. They continue to provide excellent support. It's like the technician, Larry, said, "We're called Simplicity for a reason." 



Richmond Ballet
Joshua Silverman law

I've had VOIP for a number of years, but your Client Services Department was able to offer new features, better service, and perhaps more importantly, a better price.  If you don't have VOIP you have no idea what you are missing.  Every feature you can imagine is included.


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your Operations Manager and the installation process.  He was very professional and patient with all our questions and issues.  I called him on his cell phone (sorry) at 7:20am this morning because we were down and he patiently walked through all the steps with me to restore our service.

As you know, I feel a great responsibility because I convinced the owners to switch services and convert to VOIP.  The way in which [Simplicity VOIP] has dealt with any issues is commendable.


Rencon LLC