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Effortless Text Messaging and Collaboration For Your Business

Simplicity Chat & SMS

More Than Just Texting

Simplicity VoIP's Chat & SMS functionality empowers your business with a seamless and cost-effective way to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners through text messaging.

Simplicity Chat & SMS goes beyond traditional SMS texting. It offers a robust suite of features designed to enhance communication and collaboration within your organization.


Effortless Text Conversations

Send and receive text messages directly through the Simplicity platform, web phone, or mobile app, eliminating the need for switching between applications.


Seamless Group Messaging

Simplify group communication by creating chat groups using extensions, 10-digit numbers, or a combination of both. Collaborate with teams, departments, or customer groups effortlessly.


Rich Media Sharing

Elevate your conversations by sharing documents, photos, videos, and audio clips up to 5MB. Share presentations, proposals, or project updates directly within chat threads.


Improved Workflow Efficiency

Use Simplicity Chat & SMS as a quick and efficient alternative to emails for simple questions, clarifications, or real-time updates. Respond faster and keep projects moving forward.


Connect Remote and Multi-Site Teams

Bridge the geographical gap and foster collaboration between remote employees or staff across different locations. Maintain clear communication regardless of physical distance.


Complements Other Communication Channels

Simplicity Chat & SMS seamlessly integrates with your existing communication infrastructure. Use it to answer customer questions during calls or follow up on meetings with quick text messages.

Additional Features

Simplicity Chat & SMS offers a variety of additional features to make communication and collaboration effortless:

  • Thread History: Easily access message threads to review past conversations and revisit key information.
  • Emoji Support: Add a touch of personality and enhance communication with emojis.
  • Collaboration Launchpad: Simplify Chat & SMS can be used to initiate collaborative sessions with specific groups, streamlining your workflow processes.


Simplicity Chat & SMS is a valuable asset included at no additional cost with your Simplicity VoIP service. This eliminates the need for separate text messaging plans or applications, simplifying your communication infrastructure and reducing overall costs.

Standard Texting: MMS/SMS

Simplicity Chat & SMS incorporates Standard Texting (MMS/SMS), a simple and convenient communication channel that allows you to share text and media files through the Simplicity platform and applications, including the webphone and mobile app.

Here's why Standard Texting with Simplicity is a valuable asset for your business:

  • Effortless Communication: MMS/SMS provides a quick and easy way to connect with associates and customers alike.
  • Media Supported: Share images, audio, and video files up to 5MB to enhance your message.
  • Accessibility: Effortlessly send and receive messages through the Simplicity portal, webphone, or mobile app.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Connect with customers for real-time resolution, send appointment reminders, or conduct targeted marketing campaigns. Text messaging boasts a 98% open rate, ensuring your message reaches its intended recipient.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Standard Texting is a cost-effective way to communicate and can be a valuable tool for marketing campaigns.
  • Detailed Communication History: Maintain a digital record of all customer interactions for future reference.

10DLC Traffic Registration: Important Information

To combat fraudulent and SPAM messages, mobile network operators in the US are implementing requirements that VoIP users register 10DLC numbers. If you plan to use the Simplicity texting feature, it is best practice that you register your 10DLC numbers.

Our Client Services Team is here to help you with registration. Please be aware that there are registration fees charged by the Campaign Registry. As a convenience, Simplicity will pay these fees for you and then add the charges to your Simplicity bill.

Bulk Texting: SMSPlus

For businesses requiring a more robust text messaging solution, Simplicity offers SMSPlus, a comprehensive cloud messaging solution. SMSPlus empowers you to:

  • Leverage Existing Numbers: Utilize your existing business phone numbers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, reinforcing brand recognition and connecting with customers on their preferred communication channels.
  • Text-Enable Current Numbers: Seamlessly integrate text messaging functionality with your existing business phone numbers.
  • Engage Customers: Run targeted text message promotions, track responses, and measure ROI to optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Set Up Auto-Responses: Provide customers with immediate responses to frequently asked questions or inquiries, regardless of the time of day.
  • Monitor Messages: Maintain a centralized location to oversee all text messages sent and received by your business, ensuring clear communication trails.
  • Resolve Customer Issues Efficiently: Search text archives with a 360-degree view of customer interactions, allowing you to identify trends and address concerns effectively.
  • Support Global Messaging: Communicate seamlessly across borders with the ability to text in multiple languages, including double-byte character sets.
  • Manage Contacts: Organize and maintain a searchable database of customer contact information for future outreach.
  • Ensure Compliance: Send text messages that adhere to CTIA guidelines, guaranteeing a professional and trustworthy communication approach.

Cost-Effective Bulk Text Messaging Solutions

Simplicity SMSPlus offers multiple plans to cater to the specific needs of your business. Plans include combinations of the number of users, units, and types of DIDs so that you can pick the option that is best for you.

Curious about pricing?
We’ve got options!

Check pricing here. All plans include the following features

  • 1 DID
  • Unlimited contacts
  • MMS-enabled
  • Two-way inbox
  • Automation flows
  • Short trackable links
  • Quick-access templates
  • Enhanced reporting
  • API Access
  • Mobile landing pages
  • Access to integrations
  • Keywords
  • Social sending
  • Multi-language support

Embrace a more efficient and streamlined approach to communication with Simplicity Chat & SMS. Empower your teams to collaborate effortlessly, connect with customers instantly, and improve overall business productivity. All this comes with cost-effective options and seamless integration within your existing Simplicity VoIP platform.

Contact Simplicity VoIP Client Services today to learn more about how Simplicity Chat & SMS and SMSPlus can transform the way your business communicates!

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