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Unify, Manage, and Collaborate with Simplicity VoIP's Online Portal.

Unify, Manage, and Collaborate with Simplicity VoIP's Online Portal

Simplicity VoIP's Online Portal goes beyond traditional phone system management. This feature-rich platform provides a central hub for streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing your entire communication infrastructure. Designed with user-friendly functionality, the Online Portal caters to various roles within your organization, empowering everyone to contribute to a seamless communication experience.

Phone System Management:
Role-Based Access

The Online Portal offers tailored functionalities based on user roles. From administrative tasks to real-time call management, each user has the tools they need to excel in their communication responsibilities.


  • Manage user accounts and permissions
  • Configure call routing rules and auto attendants
  • Access detailed call reports and analytics
  • Oversee system health and performance

Department Managers

  • Monitor team call activity and performance metrics
  • Manage voicemail settings for their department
  • Create custom call groups and queues
  • Access reports specific to their department's communication needs

General Users

  • View their call history and details
  • Access voicemail messages and manage greetings
  • Adjust personal call forwarding settings
  • Utilize features like call recording and instant messaging
    (depending on plan options)

Enhanced Communication & Collaboration Features

Attendant Console

Attendant Console

(For designated users) Proactively manage call flow, monitor agent activity, and ensure efficient call distribution with the powerful Attendant Console.

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Softphone Apps

Extend communication flexibility with Simplicity VoIP's softphone applications. Make and receive calls directly from your computer or mobile device, maximizing accessibility for your team.


COLLAB - Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Foster seamless collaboration across teams and locations with integrated video conferencing and screen sharing functionalities within COLLAB.



Send and receive secure faxes directly through the online portal, eliminating the need for traditional fax machines and streamlining document exchange.

Why Simplicity for Call Centers?

Call History with Call Detail

Call History with Call Detail

Gain valuable insights into your communication patterns. The portal provides a detailed call history with comprehensive data for each call, empowering you to identify trends and optimize call routing strategies.

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Enhance communication beyond traditional phone calls. The portal facilitates instant messaging functionalities, allowing for efficient team collaboration and improved customer interactions.

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Inventory Phone Management
& Integrated Call Quality Tools

Maintain complete control over your communication equipment. The online portal allows you to view and manage your phone inventory, monitor device status, and ensure your communication infrastructure remains optimized.

The Online Portal seamlessly integrates with Simplicity VoIP's Call Quality Tools, providing a centralized platform to access diagnostic features, analyze call quality metrics, and troubleshoot any potential issues.


Our Online Portal is more than just a communication tool; it's a command center for optimizing your entire communication ecosystem.
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