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Simplicity VoIP offers best-in-class phone systems and equipment for businesses of all sizes. Get the tools you need to grow, at a great price. Both purchase and rental options are available.

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Phone Solutions for Every Business

The right phone system is a true business asset. Whether your business is looking to grow, or already includes multiple sites across the nation, Simplicity VoIP offers scalable, affordable phone systems. 

Phone On Desk

Phones & Equipment

Get the best in VoIP phones and equipment, including brands like Yealink and Polycom (Poly). Whether you purchase equipment or rent via a Device as a Service (DaaS) agreement, Simplicity offers on-site training and support for all customers.

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Simplicity Phone App

Webphone & Mobile App

Break free from the confines of your desk and experience unparalleled communication flexibility with Simplicity VoIP's Webphone and Mobile Apps. This dynamic duo empowers you to make and receive calls, access key features, and stay connected from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

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Chat & SMS

Chat and SMS

Go beyond traditional SMS texting. Simplicity VoIP's Chat & SMS functionality empowers your business with a seamless and cost-effective way to connect with colleagues, customers, and partners through text messaging. It offers a robust suite of features designed to enhance communication and collaboration within your organization

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Simplicity Dashboard

Online Portal & Messaging

Simplicity VoIP's Online Portal empowers you to manage your entire communication ecosystem from a single, centralized location. This user-friendly platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and elevate customer interactions.

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Users can connect via Simplicity's video conference platform with more ease than ever before.  SimplicityCOLLAB provides a robust video conferencing platform that gives users more control for scheduling, presenting, collaborating, and managing virtual meetings.

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Wireless Backup

Wireless Backup

Simplicity VoIP's wireless backup offers a layer of redundancy to ensure business continuity even if your primary internet connection fails. This Verizon 4G LTE solution can be set up in advance for seamless failover, allowing your business to continue operating as normal.

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Phone system management

Phone System Management

The Online Portal offers tailored functionalities based on user roles. From administrative tasks to real-time call management, each user has the tools they need to excel in their communication responsibilities.

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SIP & PRI Trunking

Have an existing on-prem PBX system? No problem. Using Simplicity SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking, you can still benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP. No new Capex costs required--just connect your existing phone system to the cloud via SIP technology.

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Feature Rich

Unify Your Business Communications with Simplicity VoIP

Empower your teams, enhance customer interactions, and streamline operations with Simplicity VoIP. Our feature-rich cloud phone systems offer everything you need to connect seamlessly – all at a cost-effective price. From crystal-clear HD calling and video conferencing to user-friendly collaboration tools and mobile apps, Simplicity VoIP provides the perfect communication solution for businesses of all sizes.


Text to Speech

The VoIP Text-to-Speech feature takes the hassle out of creating professional greetings, announcements, and messages. Simply type your desired text, and our system converts it into natural-sounding speech.

Speech Direct (AI IVR)

This innovative technology leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech recognition to create a dynamic and intuitive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, empowering callers to self-direct to the most appropriate agent or department.

Voicemail Reminder

The VoIP Text-to-Speech feature takes the hassle out of creating professional greetings, announcements, and messages. Simply type your desired text, and our system converts it into natural-sounding speech.

Music on Hold (MOH)

This powerful feature allows you to create a more positive hold experience by providing callers with pleasant background music, informative announcements, and approximate call wait time. Assure callers that their time and experience is valued.

Tiered Round Robin

Assigns calls based on predefined criteria like skill set, experience level, or language proficiency. This solution ensures calls are directed to the most qualified agent available, minimizing wait times and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Enhanced 911 (E911)

Simplicity VoIP prioritizes user safety with our robust Enhanced 911 (E911) features. This service ensures emergency responders can quickly locate you in case of an emergency, even when using an internet-based phone system.


At Simplicity VoIP, we understand the importance of safeguarding your communication. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of security features designed to keep your conversations confidential and your data protected.

QoS Scoring

Simplicity VoIP's Enhanced QoS (Quality of Service) Scoring empowers you to gain deeper insights into your call quality. This innovative feature analyzes all your call traffic, regardless of device or application, providing valuable data to optimize communication performance.

Cradle to Grave

Gain complete visibility into your call flow with Simplicity VoIP's Cradle to Grave feature. This tool empowers system administrators to effortlessly track and analyze call transitions, providing valuable insights for troubleshooting, reporting, and optimizing your communication network.

Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis

This innovative suite provides a comprehensive understanding of your customer interactions, enabling you to improve customer service, optimize agent performance, and gain a competitive edge.

Call Park

Maintain control over your calls with Simplicity VoIP's Call Park feature. This functionality allows you to temporarily place a call on hold and retrieve it from any other phone within your system, ensuring you never miss an important conversation.

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