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Untether Yourself and Stay Connected with Simplicity VoIP.

When it comes to modern business communication, mobility is key. Simplicity VoIP's Webphone and Mobile Apps provide the ultimate communication solution for on-the-go professionals. This comprehensive suite empowers you to:

Webphone: Your Feature-rich Softphone

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Effortless Accessibility

Make and receive calls directly from your web browser using Simplicity VoIP's webphone. No downloads or installations required – simply log in and enjoy seamless communication.

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Progressive Web App (PWA)

Experience a desktop-like webphone experience with our Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality. The PWA allows you to install the webphone directly on your home screen for quick and easy access, mimicking the functionality of a native app.

Mobile Apps: Stay Connected on the Go


Simplicity Go

Ideal for basic call functionality, Simplicity Go allows you to make and receive calls, access voicemail, text, group chat, and view call history – all from your smartphone or tablet.

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Simplicity Go Pro

For users seeking a more comprehensive mobile communication experience, Simplicity Go Pro offers all the features of Simplicity Go, plus additional functionalities like Call Park, call transferring, advanced answering rules, do not disturb, and usage stats.

The Benefits of Webphone and Mobile Apps

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Increased Mobility

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere with an internet connection, maximizing flexibility and productivity.

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Enhanced Accessibility

Never miss a call, even when away from your desk. The Webphone and Mobile Apps ensure you're always reachable.

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Improved Efficiency

Maintain seamless communication workflows with all the core phone features available at your fingertips.

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User-Friendly Interface

Both the Webphone and Mobile Apps boast intuitive interfaces, making them easy to learn and navigate for users of all technical backgrounds.

Simplicity VoIP's Webphone and Mobile Apps empower you to break free from communication constraints. Experience the freedom to connect, collaborate, and achieve more, regardless of location.

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