Simplicity's Newest Features

The latest release of Simplicity's software delivers cutting-edge communication technology.

Version 42 Platform Upgrade for New and Existing Customers

Your company's communication needs are constantly evolving, and Simplicity VoIP is committed to delivering the latest technology to help you provide seamless interactions for your customers and employees. 

The latest release of Simplicity VoIP's robust software includes a host of new features, from must-have integrations to AI-powered insights.


Cradle to Grave

Follow calls and their transitions in a simple, linear view. Data includes multiple call legs, time stamps, and functions, along with inbound and outbound phone numbers and extensions. It allows system administrators can easily troubleshoot, report, and identify call concerns. Learn more.



Call Transcription

Call Transcription automatically breaks out call recordings, transcribing them via Google Translate, separating text by the speaker. Transcriptions are visible in the portal and/or downloadable in a .csv file. Learn more.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) technology using AI to determine whether word choice during a call is positive, negative, or neutral.

Call Transcription is a prerequisite to enabling Sentiment Analysis. Learn more.


Enhanced User Experience

Expanded functionality in the SimplicityWeb phone, a SimplicityCollab user interface refresh, and upgraded call recording are among many noteworthy enhancements to user experience. Learn more.



Call Center2_new 2022

Call Center Improvements

New capabilities include access to manage agents by user and/or device, monitor queues, and view statistics in the SimplicityWeb phone; along with the Web phone's new Call Park button, persistent answering rules, and improved recording details. Learn more.

E911 Specific Dispatchable Location

This feature provides a physical address for emergency services to dispatch first responders to quickly. This specific dispatchable location includes a floor or suite number and other critical details for compliance with the new RAY BAUM'S Act. Learn more.




E911 Address Detection & Verification

The system keeps up with users on the go, detecting a physical address relocation, which will issue a prompt for the user to update their information, so that E911 data is kept accurate and up to date. Learn more.

E911 Dialed Call Notification

Notifications that a 911 call has been made can now be sent via an automated phone call, an email, or via a SIP message that appears on the screens of supported phones. Learn more.



Version 42 Features Webinar


Version 41 Features

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At Simplicity VoIP, we're dedicated to continually improving our products and services to ensure you're getting the most out of your phone system. Released in 2020, Version 41 was built with improvements in three critical areas: efficiency, security, and collaboration.

These new features are convenient to use since they're seamlessly accessible through the Simplicity client portal and applications, including our webphone and mobile app. And most new features are offered at no additional cost.

feature rich

Improves Efficiency

Text to Speech
Sites & Site Manager

Improves Collaboration

Chat & SMS
Reworked Contact Panel
security in cloud

Improves Security

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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